Live Sessions Pushed Back

I just noticed that the next Zoom Live Session is now scheduled for Tuesday, March 9th so there will not be any conducted this week.

I don’t even have that on my Panorama X course calendar. That seems to have gone away and I haven’t received any emails. Kind of getting lost and disjointed now.

Ok, I finally found out what happened, pilot error on my part a bit.
It’s been almost a month since the last session and when I went to Pan X, went to the old 10.1.2 copy. Forgot that I had made a copy of the new 10.2 version so that’s why I didn’t see a calendar. Again all good now, just unfortunate that it’s been about a month since the last session and the class getting stretch out so long.

It’s been pushed back another week. It’s now scheduled for the 16th.

I wrote this last night and forgot to push the button! So here is my thinking on the session schedule.

I have two prerequisites in mind before resuming the live sessions:

  • Release Panorama X 10.2 b14
  • Prepare slides in advance for at least 6-8 sessions.

Though perhaps this isn’t universal, I suspect most of you would agree with the priority scheduling of bug fixes ahead of additional live sessions.

So far there are nearly 2 dozen fixes already incorporated into the b14 release. Looking at the Bitbucket issue tracker, there are definitely 6 specific remaining issues that need to be cleared before releasing b14. A couple more are maybe’s. That will take a few more days, then I will get to work on slides.

There’s no way these prerequisites will be met by next Tuesday, so I have pushed the schedule back to March 16. Also, the currently published schedule is really placeholders. There are numerous topics that aren’t on the schedule yet, and the order of the sessions that are already on the schedule may be adjusted. I will post additional updates as progress dictates.

I have a Live Session on my personal calendar but when I vew the Live Course Calendar in Panorama X, it merely tells me that “You are not registered for any of the live sessions aon the upcoming schedule.”

Is there a session today? Tuesday 4/20

Jim cancelled today’s session last Thursday. Next one is this Thursday.

It looks like Thursday has also been cancelled. The next one is Tuesday the 27th.

Yes, I was going to send out an email shortly. As I mentioned, I had a conflict today, and it turns out my wife had a potential conflict on Thursday for something I need to attend. It might work, but rather than take a chance I am going to push back to next Tuesday.

I also wanted to note that I am planning a couple of topics next Tuesday that should be quite interesting. One is setting up custom data input validation. The other is customizing Clairvoyance™. You haven’t heard about this before, but in Denali the Clairvoyance™ engine has had a major revamp and is now very customizable as far as the source of the data for Clairvoyance. You can modify it with a formula, use a different field and/or database, and even directly supply the data to be used independently from the database. You can also customize Clairvoyance for individual Text Editor objects. The only catch is that so far, all of this can only be done via blueprints or in a program, and none of this is documented yet. I will, however, unlock all of these mysteries on Tuesday!