Live Course Calendar is blank

There are no upcoming classes listed in my Live Course Calendar, and none have been listed for about the last week. It says “You are not registered for any of the live sessions on the upcoming schedule.” Apparently my system is not checking in with, because I’m not receiving an “authorized” notification either when Panorama launches, and haven’t for the last week. My Site License says I’ve had activity today, so does receive something from my computer. However, I won’t be able to attend the class tomorrow if I can’t see the class listed in the Live Course Calendar. Suggestions?

Same for me. “You are not registered for any …”

I restarted with no change.

No problem here. Shows tomorrow and Thursday just fine.

Mine shows as well…

What have you guys done to get ostracized? Maybe try logging out and back in again to see if that helps.

I checked the server accounts for both Robert’s and both of your copies of Panorama have connected with the server in the past 12 hours, so there’s no connection problem. And both of your accounts are set up to give you access to the course calendar.

I’m not receiving an “authorized” notification either when Panorama launches

So you’re not getting a notification but Panorama works, and Thomas Cooper is getting the notification but then later Panorama stops working. Oy vey!

Are you sure you haven’t turned off notifications for Panorama, or perhaps turned on Do Not Disturb?

Given your account settings, I don’t understand how Panorama itself could work, but not show you the live calendar information.

I finally found something repeatable. If I launch Pan by double-clicking on the application itself, I get a “Beta Authorized” notification and the Course Calendar shows the classes. If I launch by double-clicking a Pan document, neither of those happens. I tried each situation 5 times with identical results.

So at least that means that I will be able to attend the class tomorrow!

This just started happening about a week ago.

Maybe Panorama just doesn’t like people who are named Robert…

My notifications are fine elsewhere. Do not disturb is not being used.


Is there more than one copy of the Panorama application on your system? Is there any chance that when you double click a Panorama document, a different copy of is actually launching?

I do not have more than one application named Panorama on my drive. (This actually surprised me.)

Still no Upcoming Live Sessions.

But… If I look at the Live Course Calendar on my other computer that is running Panorama Server, the upcoming courses are listed there so now I don’t feel so ignored.

I have now tested this scenario – I cannot duplicate this problem. The Beta Authorized notification appears even if I launch Panorama through a database file instead of by double clicking on the app itself.

I’m still wondering if you might be launching the wrong version of Panorama in this scenario. Here’s something you could try – launch Panorama by dragging a Panorama document onto the Panorama application.

Having just installed b16, I now have the Live Course Calendar back.

The drag-and-drop solution didn’t work for me. Just installed b16 and that didn’t fix it either. I suspect it has something to do with timers and my big .Initialize procedures. But I’ve identified a work-around and it’s a minor issue and you Jim are obviously busy with other stuff, so feel free to back-burner it.