Latest course recordings and demo files now available

The recordings of yesterday’s sessions are now available in the Help>Panorama X Video Training window. There are now a total of 11 sessions available (17 hours), or 7 sessions for those of you that did not enroll in the server course.

I have also made available a zip file that contains the example databases used in the Relational Databases sessions. Please note that these databases were adapated from some earlier courses and demos and I did not clean them up, so they contain extra “junk” (forms & procedures) that you should ignore. Here is the link, the total file is 1.9 Mb.

Also now available is the PDF file with the slides for the Automatic Form Construction sessions. I’m not making all the slides available because I don’t think they are very useful, but I think these are. I constructed these slides so that you can copy the template tags from the slide into the clipboard. So if you see an arrangement that you like, you can simply copy the template from the slide and paste it into the template editor for your form.