Killer Ghosts in Forms

I have some databases, brought over from Panorama 6, which have some forms with artifacts in them. I suppose that I could just leave them there, but for neatness’ sake, I try selecting them and deleting them, and when I do that and switch to data mode (or do some other things), Panorama X crashes. I have managed to get rid of them by deleting them, saving the database, and causing Panorama to crash. So it is not a serious problem for me, but it is certainly annoying. Besides, anything that causes a crash should be investigated.

I think this is the same problem discussed elsewhere, where text is displayed “double”.

I am not certain. It is very possible that I accidentally left some text boxes around as I worked to get the matrixes to work properly. I know that when I replaced three boxes in the matrix frame with a single one, I would:
Try to delete the extra ones. This would cause a lot of things to disappear, and Panorama would crash when I closed the window or, I think, change to data mode.
Move the extra ones off the frame. This did the same thing.

I never got text displaying double.