Keyboard Equivalent Modifiers

In Pan6, one could create a modifier for a procedure by ending the name with a “/” (to signal a keyboard modifier) and another character which, when combined with CMD, would be a custom keyboard equivalent (assuming the combination wasn’t already used by the program).

Does this still exist? (I did try to search this in the help file, but given that that it’ll only accept a single word for a search, this route serves only to burn up subscribed time).


This is now accomplished via the Properties panel of a procedure window. The key used along with the modifiers are only set there.

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You have more options now e.g. for showing / hiding the Action menu item, deactivating it (greying it out), and adding a keyboard shortcut — all in the Properties panel in the procedure window.

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Searching for this is somewhat hard to find because Panorama X refers to this as “Command Key Equivalents” rather than the more commonly used term “Shortcuts”. The subject is covered in the Action Menu section half way down the page under " Command Key Equivalents".

Note that you can use more than one term in the Help search field but only the first characters that fit into the search area are displayed. Any second word that exceeds this space is not displayed (even partially). Also, I don’t think use of the Panorama Help file is counted against your subscription time.

Panorama X is not billed by the minute, but by the month. The monthly charge is the same whether you use Panorama X for one hour or 700 hours within the month. So you don’t need to be concerned that the clock is running as you look at the help file, or when doing anything else.