Keep Text List Object always Sorted Down for Key field

In the TLO, I want the records to be sorted down as a default. This is an Account Receivable file (by definition, always selected for the last 365 days, with the most recent at the top), and it’s annoying that when a new record is added (via an associated form), it ends up down at the bottom of the list (at the other end form the most recent records).

The TLO opens up properly sorted down, but any number of things could alter that. I wish to have the TLO refreshed, sorted down, following any action which might change its display.

The records are always displayed in the order in which they appear in the database (i.e. the same as the data sheet). The Text List object cannot display the data in any different order. If you want the records displayed in a certain order, you’ll have to re-sort the database whenever a change is made.

Thanks. I’d already added two buttons, one for a new record and the other to delete an existing one, which make do the SortDown without mousing around.