Jumbled text when opening a form

I’ve created a Contacts Form that is having an issue with displaying text that is jumbled when first opened. The form has three Tabs. When I switch to another Tab and then back again the problem resolves itself and then displays correctly. It’s an easy enough fix but I would love to be able to solve this problem so it’s not necessary to immediately switch Tabs.

I’ve attached a couple of screenshots to visualize how the text appears before and after switching form Tabs.

Unfortunately I know all about this one – it’s definitely a bug. I see this myself on almost a daily basis as the database I use to generate the Panorama Help shows the same symptom. Unfortunately there is not a straightforward fix – I have spent a considerable amount of time on this on and off over the last two years with no luck. So no ETA on a fix, but it is definitely on the list.

Thanks for the update.

Rico, the quick fix for this is, when in Graphics Mode, just drag anything from the Object Library …


… onto the form and delete it - this will refresh all of your text.


I tried your fix and it worked while the Form was open. However, when the Form was closed and then reopened it defaulted back to the text being jumbled. Thanks for trying!

Yes, unfortunately the fix is not as easy.as simply refreshing the form objects. I know because long ago I tried forcing Panorama to do an extra refresh when opening a form. unfortunately that did not solve the problem.

That’s interesting - dragging and deleting has always brought about a permanent fix for me.

I too had the problem a long time ago, but managed to eliminate it. In the meantime I’ve worked on many other files and forms and can’t recall where it was or how I resolved it, but I’m inclined to think it involved Panels. I looked at a few files without luck but will keep looking.

Rico, those fields look familiar. :wink:

All credit goes to James Cook for the Contact form I created. I’ve run my photography business for over 20 years on his InView program. I started to panic when I realized that in the near future I wouldn’t be able to run Panorama 6 on the upcoming Mac OS so I’ve been in the process of converting (as best as I could) my most used InView modules to Panorama X. I’m not a programer so I’ve been cobbling together something that works for me as best as I could. The Contacts form shown above is a mash-up of Jim’s “My Mailing List” and the Fields that were most useful for me from James’s InView contacts in a much dumbed down version. I would be happy to share this database with anyone on the group if they would like to improve upon it. Again, all credit and thanks goes to James.

I sometimes expand things on web pages, and the text is not properly inserted, but overlays other text, which seems to be the problem here. So it may be an Apple problem, not Panorama.

I have also recently encountered this very problem on a form containing both a Text List Object and a Tab Panel Object. On first opening the form, everything appeared fine until I clicked another line in the TLO. The original record displayed in the TPO was overlaid with the data belonging the second record clicked. I was able to resolve this by adding another panel called “Click to …” and containing only static text (explaining the function of the other panels). My panels thus from left to right are as follows … ‘Click to …’, ‘View’, ‘Add’, ‘Edit’, ‘Issue’, ‘Return’, ‘Enable’, ‘Disable’, ‘Print’. When the form is first opened the “Click to …” panel is selected. Hope this is helpful.