Join without key value?

I want to add all the records from one database to another database. None of them relate to the records already in the new database. I simply want to add them to the end. However, depending on the value in one field - a, b or ab, I want some of the fields to be entered into different fields in the new database. Therefore I was going to use the “Join” with a different blueprint for each option, and a, b, or ab as the source subset. However, I don’t have a key field, unless I make one up specifically for this purpose. Any thoughts on how to do this?
Having said that, as I write this, I’m not sure exactly why I have a separate database for the data entry, and can think of a way around this whole problem by returning to entering the data in the main database. However, I’m still interested in if there’s a way to do the other??

This could be done with text (CSV/TSV) files using the importtext statement and its “REARRANGE” option.

Expanding on Kurt’s idea, you can use the arraybuild statement (or function) to export a text array from the first database into a variable, then use importtext to bring it in to the second database. You don’t have to ever actually create a text file. You could also position the data where you want it during the export part of this process, as an alternative to using the rearrange option during import. Neither method is necessarily better, just use whichever seems more comfortable for you.

OK. Thanks. That would work.