Is Undo still possible after exiting then re-starting Panorama?

I’m working my way through the tutorial and ran across a situation where I couldn’t ‘undo’ (Edit > Undo) an operation. Yesterday I completed tutorial #104, importing the 200 sample names to the mailing list database. Today I restarted Panorama and began tutorial #105, which calls for using Undo to undo the import. However the Undo command was greyed out. Does the ability to undo an operation go away once I exit the program? I’m running Panorama 10.1.2 (2854) under macOS Catalina 10.15.7.

I don’t know that any program saves the state of Undo after a quit and restart. You will have to use the Revert To command from the File menu or Time Machine to get a pre-import version of the file.

OK. I thought Panorama might preserve the state of the undo stack for the database, but apparently not. Thanks for the reminder about Revert to / Time Machine, though.

Gary is correct, there is no Mac program that saves the state of Undo after a quit and restart. In fact, standard macOS undo behaviour is that the undo stack is cleared when the document is saved with the File>Save command.

In this particular example of the tutorial, you could easily just delete the imported data without using Undo. For example you could right click on the first phone number, choose Select Same from the popup menu, then chose Records>Delete Unselected Records. That would get you back to the one record you had typed in. The tutorial doesn’t mention that because we wanted to emphasize the Undo ability (which is quite unique for a database), and it assumes that you are immediately continuing from the previous page. Perhaps it should be modified to mention the alternate technique for deleting records for cases like Allen’s.

Thanks, Jim, for the additional information on how undo works, as well as the method for deleting the imported data (which I had eventually managed, just not as elegantly).