Is there a Lookup Wizard

Is there some sort of Lookup wizard to help with a lookup function?

I am having difficulty in getting it to work.
Original database is named “Customers” data field that I want to put the lookup data is called "Business Name"
The lookup database is called “Vendors”, the lookup field in this database is also called “Business Name”

There isn’t enough information here to do a lookup. As I read this, you want to lookup a business name in your Vendors database, and put that name into the Business Name field of your Customers database, but there needs to be some way of recognizing the record containing that name.

When you lookup a number in a phone book, you begin by looking for the name of the person or business in question, and once you have found it, you read the number on that same line in the book.

A lookup in a database works the same way. There has to be something you already know, that the function can look for, so that it will know when it has found the record. That something is called the key value, and the field where you expect to find it, is the key field.

A superlookup( will look for a record that satisfies a true/false formula, and retrieve the value from that record. Without knowing what criteria you want to use to find the record, I don’t think that anyone can help you with this.

Hello Dave.
Here is the code I am using in the procedure:

«Business Name»=lookup(“Wonder Vendors”,“Business Name”,«Business Name»,“Business Name”,"",0)

«Business Name» is the field I want to put the information in from the “Wonder Vendors” database. All the fields for the information I want are called “Business Name”

It looks to me like you are looking up the name that you already have, kind of like a perpetual motion machine. If the «Business Name» field in the Customers database is empty, then all you are going to get is the default value of "". If it is not empty, all you are going to get back is the same name you already had (unless it doesn’t exist in the Wonder Vendors database, in which case you will get back empty text).

A more typical use would be to look up the address and/or phone number, given the customer name.

Address = lookup("Wonder Vendors","Business Name",«Business Name»,"Address","")
City = lookupmoredata("City","")
State = lookupmoredata("State","")
Zip = lookupmoredata("Zip","")

Note that in Panorama X you can leave off the last parameter (summary level), unless of course you want to specify a value other than zero.

Thanks Jim. I am still having some difficulty with the lookup.
I remember there used to be a wizard for lookups.
Is it still around that will fill in the blanks after I tell it what I want to do.

Panorama X does not include a lookup wizard. However, Michael Kellock has created one that you can download from the Panorama Database Exchange (look in the Help menu).

However, using a wizard won’t solve the problem that you can’t look up a name from the name itself.

The code you posted earlier would be the equivalent of trying to use a phone book to look up a person’s name, using their name. You already have the name – there’s no point in looking it up.

Dear Jim,
I think I finally figured it out. It is working perfect now.
Thanks also for the “lookupmoredate” tip.
Saved a lot of typing.