Incorrect Calculations

Calculating a percent: Code is fieldx = (fieldy / field z) * 100.
Values calculates as (771612 / 9588) *100
Panorama 6 calculates 8047.7 PanoramaX calulates 5082.3. Pan6 is correct
Smaller values calculate OK, somewhere there is truncation on larger numbers?

Another error: Code = Fieldx = Field1- (Field2 + Field 3) Panorama 6 calculates Ok Panoramax does not honor parens. Removed parens, made + a - and it worked. Must honor the parens!

I can’t duplicate this. I’m getting the correct answer in both cases.

Went back to step 1 and accessed the Pan6 file and now looks OK. Looking at file in error the database looks corrupted, the column is not doing calculations, when I try to add a new column it also will not do calculations. Probably from my playing around. Don’t know how to duplicate. Consider it my bad and purge this session. Thanks