Impressive Compiler Performance

In a fairly large procedure I disabled a section of code that opened a form to print. It’s no longer needed to be open since I’ve changed it to printtopf using the form without opening.

A moment later, while the program sat idle, the compiler popped up a message about a CloseWindow error. Huh?

It turns out that near the end of the procedure I had a CloseWindow command that was no longer needed - and the compiler noticed it.


I’m puzzled by this. First of all, by “pop up” do you mean that a message appeared in the bar across the bottom of the window? That should be the only place a compiler error shows up. If an alert popped up, that wasn’t the compiler. Maybe a timer?

In any case, you’re giving the compiler more credit than it could possibly deserve. There is no way it could know that you had a command you didn’t need. I can’t even figure out how to get a compiler error to appear that mentions the word CloseWindow.

So thanks for the compliment, but I think I will have to decline acceptance of it.