Importing vcards from Contacts to Panorama

I have been trying to import data from Contacts in Sierra 10.12.5, exporting vcards from Contacts and using the vcard wizard to import them to Panorama. However, the vcard versions of Contacts does not seem to be fully compatible. The 3.0 version, which is what you get if you set 2.0 in Contacts’ preferences, does a little better than the default 3.1 version. What I am missing is mailing addresses. This looks like a simple fix, so I wonder if anyone has a hint.

Or if anyone has a better way to share data with Contacts, I would really like to know that.

Maybe it is a better way to use an utility from the Mac App Store:
Exporter for Contacts by Stefan Keller is able to export all fields (even with custom labels) from Contacts as a csv file that can easily be imported into Panorama.

Actually, I did some more research and found that Contacts can be exported to Numbers by copying and pasting. From there, it can be saved as .cvs and imported into any version of Panorama.

As far as I can see, this way I get only 7 fields of data: picture, last name, first name, second name, position, (one) email address, and a notes field.

Stefan Keller’s app is able to export ALL fields of the vcards including multiple email addresses and their (custom) labels.

I got all the fields, with the field names at the top.

O.K., my fault: I tested my own vcard and had the privacy filter enabled.