Importing text arrays

I’m sure that what I’m trying to do is really simple in Panorama X, but I’m just not seeing how to do it.

In a source text file I have data that I want to import into a Panorama X text field called “Audience.” It’s “repeating” data (in FileMaker nomenclature); since it contains CRs and tabs, I’ve pre-edited it to use a pilcrow as its internal delimiter character. So the file imports into Panorama as I’d expect it, and the Audience text field looks like this sample:


So I think up to this point I’ve done the right thing. Now, though, I’d like to display this data in a Text List, with one name per line. (And, further, I’d then like to be able to edit the data in the Text List — but one thing at a time!):


I’m pretty sure that I don’t in any way want Database Navigator turned on, and that I don’t need a Query.

I have Selected Value set to Audience, and have tried both setting Sep to and leaving it blank. Out of desperation, I’ve even tried using the replace( function (both in the form that has the Text List and in the text field on the data sheet) to replace the pilcrow with an actual CR character (using cr() — all to no avail.

Two and a half days of searching through the help files and here online have not helped. Can someone lend a hand?

Many thanks!

The Text List formula needs to contain the field or variable that contains your complete list (carriage return separated). The selected value (variable or field name) will contain just the item on the list the user has selected.

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Thank you, @billashw and @dave!

Dave, I’d been doing exactly this replacement — in the right place, even — but it hadn’t been effective until I knew to do what Bill suggested.

Bill, yours was the missing piece — but it didn’t appear to work until I added Dave’s replacement formula back in.

Now it’s behaving exactly as I want. Thank you!

Is there now a way easily to enable in-line editing? Or do I need to program something that will give me a pop-up editor that needs to be pre-populated with the selected item, and further program behind-the-scenes updating based on what the user types into the pop-up box?

Yes. That’s basically what you need to do.

Here is a simple procedure for editing an item in the list.

xyz was the name I gave to the variable that receives the selection.

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Which I put in the procedure section of the Text List. It works very well, indeed. Thank you, @dave — I’m sure this saved me a good hour, at least!