Importing text - amounts coming in as zero

I am just getting started with Panorama X and I’m sure this is a very simple thing - I’m just not seeing it.

I started with the checkbook template, and added a few fields. I then exported a .csv file from Banktivity. Using the import text file into existing database wizard, I drug my .csv file into the top section, then drug the columns into the proper columns in the bottom section. I put the amount from the .csv file in the debit column, thinking to move credits after import (I have tried the credit column also).

Everything imports perfectly except the amounts. They all come in as zero. The amounts displayed in the wizard, and when I open the .csv file in Excel, the amounts are there and the column is formatted as currency, so they aren’t saved as text.

I did search this forum and haven’t seen this problem addressed. Any help with this basic question is appreciated.

I wonder if Banktivity is adding any extra text characters to the numeric columns. That could mess Panorama up. If you could send the text file, or a part of it, to the support email address on the ProVUE web site we could see if we can duplicate your results, and hopefully figure out what the problem is.

I wonder if this is the issue.

That’s probably what it is. I couldn’t remember whether I had worked on that or not, apparently not. @TazGlacier do you know if Banktivity is putting $ signs or other currency symbols in the exported numeric columns?

I checked this. Banktivity does indeed include both $s and commas in its exports.
(Btw, I posted this response as a reply to the email version I received, but it doesn’t seem to have made it through to the forum. Never happened to me before.)

I’m sorry I am just getting back to this this morning. Thanks so much for your help, guys. There are indeed dollar signs and commas so I will be sure to filter those out in the future.

Also, I’m loving the 7-day free trial that only counts the days I can actually work on this.

Thank you again for helping figure this out.


We are definitely going to fix it so that Panorama doesn’t care about the dollar signs and commas in the future. Actually, it already filters out the commas, but we need to work on the dollar signs (or other currency symbols).