ImportDatabase - failed

I know this subject has been discussed in many different ways, but here’s my problem. My OS is High Sierra 13.1, and my Pan version is 10.0.0 (2648). I have a Pan6 database that I’ve changed the name to “NewDatabase.pan” (for the purpose of importing) that I want to import into the developing PanX database. So I have deleted all old records in the PanX database except for one empty record, wrote a simple procedure for the Action menu: ImportDatabase “NewDatabase”, made sure the Pan 6 database is open, then in PanX run the Action Menu “ImportDatabase”. This used to work for me but no longer works, I get the message "ImportDatabase failed because the database NewDatabase is not open - but it is. I also tried the File/Import/Panorama database into current database, but it does not see the Pan6 database - yes I have the extension .pan added to the name. Text import doesn’t work because we use “returns” in a number of our fields - yes I could remove those. We are still using Pan6 for daily work, I would love to stick with PanX but can’t because the expandable text feature is not yet available, which I understand. I just need to get the current Pan6 data into the evolving PanX database(s) for further development.

Panorama X can’t import a database that isn’t open in Panorama X. Open NewDatabase.pan in Panorama X. It will open as NewDatabase (Panorama 6).pandb. Then you will be able to import from NewDatabase (Panorama 6).pandb.

The code for your procedure would be

importdatabase "NewDatabase (Panorama 6)"

Oops, I forgot to open with PX - I opened with P6… thanks for the quick response Dave. I just got home from beautiful Colorado and soon headed back to Hawaii - but I can’t use vacation as an excuse for my brain slip. Thanks again, Dusty