Import/Export via the Clipboard

At least from my own experience one of the most powerful features in Pan 6 was the ability to import and export data via the clipboard. Pan 6 also allowed you to create a new database from the clipboard. These options unfortunately have not made their way back into Pan X, or I just can’t find them.

These options allowed you to move data in and out of Excel spreadsheets by just copying the data you wanted to work with in Pan 6, importing the data into Pan 6 and manipulate it, and then export it back to the clipboard and paste it right back into Excel. No need for extra files being created and using the “Get External Data” tool in Excel.

Any chance we will see these options in Pan X anytime soon?

The Text Import wizard supports the clipboard, that option is in the Import Data menu.

The Text Export wizard also supports the clipboard, see Export to Clipboard in the File menu.

Both the Text Import and Text Export wizards support drag and drop to transfer data. To bring data in, just drag it onto the Text Import wizard. To transfer data out, drag the green file icon in the upper left of the Text Export wizard to whatever application you want.

I forgot, you can also simply drag data onto the data sheet. It will automatically be added to the end of the sheet, and any additional columns needed will be automatically created.

Thanks Jim. I knew I had to be just missing something. I’m just so use to using the icons in Pan 6 I didn’t look in the menus of Pan X.

How about creating a new database from the clipboard? I use that a lot Pan 6 too. A “New Database from Clipboard” wizard with the option to use the first line as field names would be great.

I’ve created an issue for this so that I will remember it later.

If this gets done, I am thinking that the menu items for it would only show up if the clipboard contains more than one line of text.