Image Display Objects Print Problem

This problem has remained from the last release version (maybe it is existing longer already).

There is a problem to print (or to save to PDF) Image Display objects in a List View form, in my case thumbnail portrait photos in a Members list. It works only when the Image Display object is set to “Scale to Fit”. The object will not print if set to “Proportional” or “Proportional (Shrink only)”.

In Panorama 6 (under Mojave) I had the chance to print Image Display objects in “Proportional” setting — which looked much better —, but now in Catalina I am relying on Panorama X only.

FWIW: In Pan 6, some of those “proportional” thumbnail images refused to print, too, when the original image was much bigger than the thumbnail picture. I had to downscale the original pictures before I was able to print them as thumbnails in Panorama.

But the print problem in Pan X is happening with pre-downscaled pictures, too, when I am using one of the “proportional” settings.

THANK YOU! This is a great clue as to the long running issue that Image Display objects don’t print on 10.14 and above. I just tested this and they DO print when using Scale to Fit. So the problem isn’t in the printing code, it’s in the scaling code. That should really help me in tracking down this problem.

This is posted under 10.2 beta but the dates show the exchange is from 10 months ago. As of February 2021, the problem persists in 10.2.

I can confirm these and additional image display object issues.
OS System: 10.14.6

PDF and/or JPEG files will display in an IDO using all versions of the “align:” option.
However - only when using the align options “Scale to fit” and “Tile” will any other PAN 10.2 object show above an image display object - regardless of selecting “Arrange --> Bring to Front.” This makes it impossible, for example, to display a PDF (tax form) and use the text display object to complete the form without risk of distorting the PDF or having it tile on it’s own.

For me - Image Display Objects with any other align option are opaque edge to edge (even if the image displayed is not edge to edge in the IDO) and are always displayed as the top most layer on the form. I have tried every object from the object library - all are covered by the image display object when “align” is set to anything but “Scale to fit” or “Tile”.

A new observation with 10.2 - when printing a form with any Image Display Object on the data tile - the print preview that comes up as part of the Mac OS Print dialog box also does not show the contents of any Image Display Objects at all - unless the IDO align option is either “Scale to fit” or “Tile.” Then… if I’m using “Tile” for alignment - the preview is messed up/distorted, but the page does print as expected; and if I’m using “Scale to fit” with the IDO’s, the page preview in the Print dialog box DOES look correct, and the page prints as expected.

I still hope to be able to display, print and compile a library of one page pdf images (sheet music) using “Top Center” - as none of the music pages are the same size - all are slightly different. I can’t use “Scale to Fit” as it will distort the music, and unless the pdf mostly fills the IDO using the “Tile” setting, it does what it should… and tiles the pdf for that record.

Also - as was reported a year ago or so - none of these issues appear using Mac OS 10.12.x or earlier. I have a Parallels Desktop virtual Mac High Sierra OS using the latest PAN 10.2 beta and the Image Display Objects function perfectly using any “Align” setting.

Can anyone else confirm this type of Image Display Object issue?
(this got long… apologies)

Doug, if you drag a PDF (tax form) in Graphics Mode into your form, then the result is a “Static Image Object” that can be used as background in your form without the risk of distortion.

Great tip - but for me the pdf doesn’t appear to land onto the form… it simply snaps back to it’s origin in the finder window and the form remains blank. I do see the green dot with the plus sign in it appear on the pdf icon when I am dragging the pdf over the blank form though. When I let up the mouse, it snaps back to its origin… no image on the form.

JPEG files drag and drop fine - but none of my single page pdf files land.

Even if it worked for me as you describe, I couldn’t possibly create all of the static image forms I would need. My goal is an image catalog database where each field is an instrument (flute, oboe, etc), and each record contains the file path of a single page PDF within the collection of sheet music files - so I could then print a subset of sheet music just for one instrument, or save it out as a multi-page PDF for emailing or on-screen viewing.

For me, image display objects perform perfectly in High Sierra and printing multi-page PDF images works great, but not in Mojave as described in my previous post. I’m also not able to upgrade to Catalina or Big Sur just yet due to other 32 bit apps that are critical to other projects (mostly audio production). I’m scratching my head at this point.

Use the rectangular selection tool in Preview to select the entire PDF, copy it, and then paste it into the Panorama form.

IIRC I have done that successfully before, but when I tested it today again, I see the green plus sign appearing as long as I hover over the form, but if I drop the PDF file the green plus sign disappears and the PDF bounces back to the Finder as you described.

The method to use the rectangular tool in and using the clipboard is working well. Another method could be to export / save as … the PDF in a graphic format. If you choose to export it in 72 dpi, the graphic will import into Pan X in its original dimensions (while keeping the scan’s original resolution).