"IF" Function (Excel/Numbers)

Does Panorama X have an “IF” function (like Excel and Numbers). I am trying to input the following function (that works in Excel and Numbers): =IF (F5>E5,F5-E5,0).
This formula goes in Field (column) G in Excel/Numbers. G is cash needed to pay fees. F = Fee. E = cash. If the Fee is greater than cash then put the amount needed (that is, the amount short to pay) in G. If cash is more than enough to pay the fee, then put a ZERO in Field G. The “5” above is a record. However, I want the formula to work on all records in Fields F, E, and G.

Also, it would be nice if the Procedure Recorder would record deleting several unneeded fields. Thanks

That would be the ?( function


You could also use


I didn’t notice this part at first. There is no way I know of to limit a formula to just one record. It looks like your fields are named F and E, not F5 and E5. In that case, the formula would be