I Swear - It's Me!

This is IT! PanX and I do not get along. It thwarts me at every turn.

I am converting my Pan6 files into PanX. Following the Help instructions. I added the .pan suffix to my Pan6 database, and tried to import to PanX.

I use the Open File dialog, and get the error message below. I drag the Pan6 file onto the PanX icon in the dock, and get the same error message.

If I double-click the file in the Finder, it opens in Pan6. IT IS ABSOLUTELY A VALID PANORAMA 6 DATABASE.

Jim, I’m going to wait for a few new updates to PanX before I try again. I can’t take the frustrations.


Do not lose your patience too early: Save a new copy of your database in Panorama 6. I am quite sure it will create a “valid database”.

Nope, it’s a Panorama 5.5 or earlier database. Panorama 6 will open a database saved with Panorama 5.5 or earlier, but Panorama X will not. This is the very first requirement listed on this help page.

No matter how long you wait, Panorama X is never going to open files saved in Panorama 5.5 or earlier.

Files saved by Panorama 5.5 and earlier versions were saved using “big endian” file format, which was used by PowerPC processors. Panorama 6 uses “little endian” file format, used by Intel processors. Panorama 6 included thousands of lines of code to convert between these formats, which took months to write and literally over a year to debug. All of that code would have to be rewritten and re-debugged to allow Panorama X to read these older files – not practical. The simple solution is to open the database in Panorama 6 (which performs the conversion), then save the file. The saved file can be opened by Panorama X.

Hello Jim,

That’s what I did, and it opened immediately. The original file must have been a 5.5 version. I had referred to that file often, but never had to update it, so it never got updated to 6. I didn’t realize there would be a difference.

I guess my earlier frustrations (and paranoia?) got the better of me.