I miss the View Wizard

Looking through databases I’ve moved over to X, I often need to look for a procedure by name. The View Wizard in 6 starts making this easy by listing the procedures by name alphabetically, then even easier by providing a search function (by procedure name or by an embedded string). In X (so far) I see the list of procedures (and forms) in the order they were created, just like in 6. Not at all easy to use after getting used to the View Wizard. Is there already something in X that provides search/sort for procedures and I haven’t found it, or is there a plan for something like this?

Use the Open View dialog, which is a supercharged version of what the View wizard used to be. There is an extensive demonstration of this dialog in video #2, Panorama X Basics. I use this dialog all the time, it’s one of my favorite features in Panorama X.

There is also another neat trick for accessing views quickly that I wrote a post about a couple of weeks ago.

I highly recommend watching at least the first 7 videos, which are free to stream at any time. Here is the link to the Panorama X Basics video.

In looking at the video above, I tried building a favorite search routine and when I click on the star to create favorite I get 5 error messages "Contents of variable (favMenu) have not been defined. Anyone have an idea of what might be happening? There is also an initial error message saying "getdictionaryvalue(dictionary parameter must be a valid dictionary.

I did some more working around and found this seems to occur with a database that I uploaded from Pan 6. The Favorite Search is not a problem with a new database. So I think I will have to figure out how to convert from Pan 6 to Pan X correctly.