How to Use a Function in a Form

This is probably really basic, but I can’t figure the Topic (above) out. I want to use “lookup” to retrieve information from another data base (“Friends”) in a form in database “Assets”. Both databases are open, and in the Formula Workshop the expression
lookup(“Friends”,“ID”,“3”,“First”) works just fine, and retrieves the expected result…
But in a form in the Assets database, the same function in a Text Display just shows the expression, not the results.

Once I (actually, you) solve that, I would like to replace the value “3” in the example above with a value in the fields “GoesTo” in the Friends database.
Help, please!

I think you have to check the mode of the Text Display object.
When you are using “Literal Text”, you have to include the formula in curly brackets.


When you use “Formula” it should work without the brackets.

Beautiful! Thank you!