How to stay in current TEO?

I am building a scoresheet form with 35 TEOs arranged 7 wide and 5 high. There are restrictions on valid scores entries that I have put into a procedure that is called by the individual TEOs. If an invalid score is entered I display a message and ask the user to change it to a valid score. My problem is that the cursor is no longer in the TEO that is needing a valid score. Is there any way to get back to the original TEO?

The Custom Tab Order page is a good place to start.

Well I got that going quite well thanks. Is there any way to run an additional procedure? It seems to not work if I add a call statement to the brief bit of code in the object.

There’s no inherent reason you cannot use a call statement, there must be a specific issue with your code. Please post the code if you want further assistance on this.