How to 'Save window position'?

In Panorama 6, the File>SaveAs command offered a “Save window positions” option. Is there any way to save window size and location on Panorama X?

Panorama X always saves the location of each view individually, there is no way to turn this option off. If you want a form in a certain position, just open it and position it where you want. If you close the form and re-open it, it will come back in the same spot. The same goes for the data sheet and procedures. I think this is much nicer than Panorama 6, which only restores the window positions when you open the file. In Panorama 6, if you close a window and then re-open it, it comes back in a default spot, not the spot where it was last open.

It’s not happening for me but I’ve worked out (maybe) why. Here are the last few statements in the .Initialize of a database:

mgWindowName1 = info("windowname")
zoomwindow boxtop,boxlft,boxht,boxwid    
;  Clear all entries on data entry form
call ".ClearAllBoxes"

The next window I open, no matter what database, opens with the same zoomwindow specs (unless it has its own window specs). Can you duplicate this?

Can anybody repeat this?

Michael, I do not know what is in your variables nor do I know what the called procedure contains. I tested the following code:

local newWindowRect
newWindowRect=rectangleadjust( info("screenrectangle"),10,10,-10,-670)
zoomwindowrectangle newWindowRect, "notoolbar"    

This setting did not affect the next database I opened.

I don’t believe that they are relevant. Thanks for testing Kurt - looks like just another example of weird behaviour by my iMac.