How to run a procedure (to set up db-specific menus) automatically when a file opens

I’m trying to setup a database with some custom menus in a customized menu bar. I want the database to open with these custom menus already in place. I know how to create custom menus in a customized menubar within a procedure, and running the procedure does indeed customize the menubar. But I want the database to open with my customized menu bar already in place. So, I would like the procedure to run as soon as the database opens. How would this be done?

Or is there a different, more efficient, way to customize the menu bar “permanently” for a particular database?

Name your procedure .Initialize

You must type it exactly that way with the period on the front, and it is case sensitive.

Goodness. So (embarrassingly) simple. Didn’t find similar in PanX help or in Discussion Forum. Appreciate your quick reply and the general responsiveness of the Panorama community. Thanks!