How to Propagate with panorama 6?

We’ve always used the MATH tab to propogate within a column. No MATH tab on Panorama 6. How is the propagate function accomplished?

You have two choices:

  • You can use the Vertical Data tabulation dialog in the Fields menu.
  • You can use the preferences to switch the menus to “Classic” mode, which will give you the Math menu back.

FYI, in Panorama X the propagate function is found in the Morph submenu of the Field menu. It is back as a separate menu item like it was in Panorama 5.5 and earlier, instead of being part of a larger dialog.

If you go to the Panorama menu - Preferences - General Preferences and set Menu Option to “use classic menus”, everything should appear where you are used to it being.

Jeff Kozuch
President, Acacia Systems
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Yay! Thanks!