How to Distribute Database Options

In a shared database, I have changed the Auxiliary Databases. When I do that, I get a notification saying the server has been updated. But when I open the database on another computer, the Auxiliary Database list has not changed.
So how do I distribute this change to others using the shared database?

Chaning the Auxiliary Database configuration doesn’t affect the server, and would not give you a notification that the server has been opened. So I’m not sure I understand what you have actually done.

In any case, you would have to separately do a New Generation after changing the Auxiliary Database configuration, and I think you would probably have to check the Field Arrangement and Data Types option.

I did, however, receive a message that led me to think something was happening on the server. Here is what I have seen:

Thanks. That is definitely an incorrect notification in this situation. Thanks for the specific details, I was able to find where this notification originated. It may take a bit longer to figure out how to get rid of it, but I know where to start.

In the meantime, just ignore the notification, and do the New Generation after this change to update the server.