How to deactivate on a machine unaccessible due to malware

Had to have Apple wipe and reinstall an OS on an old iMac whose hard drive was locked by malware. So old I relegated it to backup and bought a new retina iMac, which I loaded from my backup hard drive from the old machine. Obviously I can’t use the old iMac to deactivate my SN, and sadly, on the new machine ProVue says my serial number is invalid. How do I get authorized; Provue won’t take phone calls and won’t take e-mails so this seems to be the only way to get in contact. Hope somebody is reading!

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Something happened to my computer and I forgot to/could not deactivate Panorama. How do I activate it again?

Robert Ameeti

ProVUE takes emails – we’ve replied to several already today.

I’m not going to post your serial number here, but I will note that it includes both lower and upper case letters. You have to type them in exactly, otherwise it will say your serial number is invalid. I checked your serial number, and there is nothing to prevent you from activating your serial number.

Thanks for a quick reply; your assumption was correct. J vs. j makes a big difference. About the e-mail comment; your incident report page specifically says you take no e-mails on technical questions, and I was there originally to ask a technical question, getting sidetracked by your form saying my S/N was invalid. I may have missed it, but I didn’t see a e-mail address for anything except the forum. Anyway, I’ve submitted my question, and we’ll see if it’s Sierra, Panorama, or Don Tweed causing the problem. Thanks again for being so responsive—and patient.

Thanks for your rapid assistance. Turns out I was the problem, but I may have found a way around Jim’s license procedure. I had an old iMac running Panorama which got royally fouled by malware—finally had Apple wipe it and put a new OS on it. But having just bought a new retina iMac, and deciding to retire the old one (not wholly compatible with Sierra), I used the old backup file to load everything onto the new iMac, including Panorama. Seems to run fine, no reauthorization or reauthorization involved. I THOUGHTI needed to reauthorize it when I tried to ask a technical question and was told my S/N was invalid; turns out to be cockpit error. What a difference a J (versus j) makes!