How to avoid crashes

This post does not involve a new issue, but the one large non-shared database continues to have many crashes; this is the database where I think the assignment is causing a crash. However, the procedure causing the crashes worked for months without a problem under PanX 10.1.2. The introduction of 10.2 has somehow caused these. The user is one of the Beta Testers and uses the shared databases also.
(The non-shared database uses one of the shared databases for lookups.) So what I am wondering is whether we can put her back on PanX 10.1.2 and continue to use both shared and unshared databases? I could manually update her databases when there is a new generation. Do you think this would work? I am really desperate to find a way to stop these crashes, which are very disruptive to getting work done.

UPDATE: I just tried this and I can see there is no way this would work; I have used statement that are new in 10.2, so you may ignore this question.

FYI, you can run both Panorama X 10.1.2 and Panorama X 10.2 at the same time on the same computer. I do that myself sometimes.

I would definitely not try running a shared database on Panorama X 10.1. I don’t know what would happen, but it likely could mess up the meta data used for database sharing.