How does firstline( Function Work?

Hello Pan X Amateurs and Professionals!

firstline( function takes off the first line in my «Ship Address» field. However, sometimes this function does not remove the first line of text. When this happens, I copy the text from «Ship Address» to a Word document, and then paste it back into «Ship Address». After this, the firstline( function removes the first line of text.

As displayed by itself (without the firstline( function) in a text editor box, the original text in «Ship Address», and the re-pasted text look exactly the same.

What is happening here? Is Word introducing a carriage return to the text?

When I paste the text into the «Ship Address» text editor box, how can I ensure the text is properly formatted, to ensure that firstline( will work every time?

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As it says in the Help file

Note: This function is equivalent to:


The text in your Ship Address may be using line feeds as line endings. You could use

firstline(lftocr(«Ship Adddress»))

The lftocr( function will convert line feeds to carriage returns before giving the result to the firstline( function.

Thank you Dave; this function works flawlessly.