How do I re-open the data sheet?

I had two windows open of my database. I closed one showing all records without saving (CMD + W). I was left with the second window showing the procedure below, which I saved (CMD + S) prior to closing.

Now when open the database it appears to contain just this window (note the error message at the bottom when trying to run it).

When I try to restore a previous version, it does not let me.

What is the solution? Re-importing records it not a big deal but it would be a great loss forfeiting all the programming I had done.

I have a Time Machine backup but I would like to know if there is a better answer.

Have you tried selecting the Data Sheet from the View menu?

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From the File menu choose Find & Open… and when the dialog opens find the database you want and then right click on it and choose Open Data Sheet Only. This should open the file without running any .Initialize procedure and no other windows will open except the data sheet. At this point you might be able to repair the problem.

Gary’s solution is one I have recommended if the database can’t be opened, but I think just choosing Data Sheet from the View menu, as Michael suggested, will do the trick. I’m going to edit the title of this topic so that it doesn’t alarm future readers.

As I said in my first post of a few days ago, I am new to Pan X.
Rookie mistake.
The View Menu has saved the day,
Thanks to all three.

The point I should have made in my hurried response to your question is this:

You closed all windows except the RECALC all fields procedure and then you saved the database. This basically said to Panorama X, this is the way I want you to open next time. If you always want your file to open at the data sheet, close all windows except that one and then save and close.

Quite useful, Michael.
Thanks for taking the time to clarify.

Just curious: Why couldn’t I restore a previous version from the FIle/Revert To/Browse All Versions menu?

There have been multiple posts on this somewhat vexed topic. Somebody with a better memory than mine will point you to the discussions.

Reverting a previous version would not necessarily change the window arrangement.