How do I convert date codes?

Ok, I’m a longtime user, but a lightweight newby to programming, and I’m sure there’s an easy answer to this.

I’m trying to set up a matrix for my checkbook program, and when I drop a text display object into my matrix frame and link it to the Date field via a formula, it returns the 7 digit code for the date, and not anything recognizable as a real date. How do I convert this number into a real date? (I’ve tried using

I’m sure this is blatantly obvious to you power users, but after searching the forums and help pages, I’m still lost. Thanks,

Peter F.

So I recommend looking in the Pan X Help for “date”.
Among the many found items you’ll find the function datepattern( .

Ok, thanks. I thought I had tried datepattern( earlier and gotten an error in trying to reference a field, but it’s working now so all’s well that ends well. Could be I forgot to refresh. Thanks for the quick reply.

Peter F