How Can I Reset the Text Import Wizard?

I am quite sure, I have seen options to choose a separator character like comma or tab in the setup of the Text Import wizard, but now I can’t find a way to get back to these preferences.

At the moment, I can import TSV (.txt) files only, because I am not able to use a different setup for CSV files. Where is this setup saved, and how can I reset it?

There is no setting for separator character. Panorama automatically determines the separator by examining the text you are importing. If the text contains one or more tabs, Panorama will set the separator to tabs, otherwise, it is set to commas.

Then I think there is a problem. I am not able to import a simple CSV file with 3 fields via the Text Import wizard.

Here is a screenshot showing the CSV file appearing as one column only.
(Pan X 0.1.028 build 2168)

Since you’ve obscured some of the data, I’m guessing you would not be able to send me this text file. Without that, however, I don’t really have any way to move forward. I have a bunch of CSV files here that all import perfectly, here’s one example in the wizard and BBEdit.

Hopefully you can send me a redacted version of this text file that exhibits the problem.

O.K., I nailed it down. The CSV file was created by the application “Mac Product Key Finder Pro”. I went through the file and finally found the part that was causing the text import to fail.

The problematic area is where the CSV file lists in the third column (“Value”) a license info in form of a plist file. Inside of that plist file, the content of a dict tag is indented with a tab character.

Jim, I send you a sample file per direct mail.