How can I put an icon and text for Search

The one thing that I use the most is a search/find icon in the tool bar. Does anyone know how to create one so I don’t have to go to the menu each time?

The data sheet toolbar is customizable but only with the set of icons provided by Panorama and a Find/Select icon is not included. You can get the Find/Select dialog using Command-F even though it is not shown as such in the Search menu.

You already can go to the toolbar for search. Click anywhere in the light blue banner that shows selected/total records and you’ll get a pop-up menu with all the search options. (If you’re wondering why Select All and Select Reverse are dim, it’s because all of the records are already selected so these commands wouldn’t do anything.)

I know I sound like a broken record, but I think it is well worth everyone’s time to watch at least some of the videos. This topic is covered in the very first one, Panorama X Basics on slide 37 (of 53).

People expect intuitive. Clicking on what looks like fixed text is not the natural way to Find or Select Records. At least that is not the first thing I’d think to do. Expecting people to watch videos is great. But it is not going to happen.

Moving documentation from Books, to Online Help, to Videos is too much to expect from one generation of people. Videos are not efficient. I do recognize that better more complete documentation is coming, but do recognize that this will not stop being an issue until there is text documentation.

Note to others on the list…
How many might be interested in a Wiki based documentation of Panorama? Users could contribute, edit, etc. similar to Wikipedia? Are there some that would be willing to contribute to make that happen?

Robert Ameeti

Perhaps not – but Panorama 6 had the exact same feature, and I think it was pretty popular.

Also, remember that this is a shortcut. If you don’t know about it, no big deal, you can always access these features from the menu. Most good software has a lot of shortcuts that aren’t necessarily intuitive, you have to learn about them.

I might be helpful if the ToolTip for this item mentioned this feature.

Is there a reason why the Find/Select menu item does not have a Command-F showing its shortcut?

I do miss the Command-M and Command-L for More and Less as well.

In trying to find if they still worked (without them stating so in the newer Find/Select dialog, I did find that I got an error message when trying to do a Command-F.

Here was that error message.

Robert Ameeti

Yes there is. The standard location for the Find command is in the Edit>Find menu. That’s where you’ll find the Command-F shortcut, and when in the data sheet or a form, choosing Edit>Find will bring up the Find/Select dialog. When you are in a procedure window, this command brings up the text search panel.

Though Edit>Find is Apple’s standard place for searching, I felt for Panorama it made sense to also have this in the Search menu with the other search commands.

So this is one case where Panorama X does have duplicate commands for the same function. Unfortunately, Apple’s menu system does not allow two menu items to display the same keyboard shortcut, even if both of the items do the exact same thing. Even though the shortcut is assigned to both of these menu items, it only shows up for the first one, which is the one in the Edit>Find menu.

I can’t duplicate this. I thought maybe you were pressing Command-F when you were already in the dialog, but I tried that also and it just beeps. So perhaps you could provide more details as to how you got this error message.

Ahhhhh, I asked this question some time back, happy to learn the answer - I check this discussion forum daily and usually go away learning something new each time - Great forum!

But… what I noticed is - if I click in a TEO on a form and then do command F - it just beeps at me - I don’t get the search dialog. If I chick in the TEO and click the Search menu and choose Find/Select - it works.

Well then, shame on Apple for believing that Finding or Selecting have anything to do with editing. In the real world, we most often find and select without doing any editing. We may group or gather, but edit our selection, not so often.

Can you ‘unassign’ it from the ‘Find…’ in the Edit menu and allow it to just display in the Find/Select of the Search menu?

Robert Ameeti

Changing “message” to “alertsheet” in a procedure was one case where “Find…” was appropriately in the Edit menu. However, I would have preferred that “Find and Replace…” were not there, since that menu item just beeps. “Find…” has the replace option.

It does not hurt to have it in more than one place.

I meant to request that the Command-F be unassigned from the Edit menu option. I care not that the menu item is there.

It is interesting though that the Option Command-F does display in the Edit menu while on the Data Sheet, but then merely barks at the user telling him that it is an ‘Unsupported Find Menu Item’. I would have thought that the menu item should be dimmed and the keystroke unresponsive rather than accepted with the error message.

And in a procedure window, Option Command-F appears to need some work as it just beeps with no message telling the user why.

Robert Ameeti