Hosting a Panorama

I am looking for someone to host a Panorama server. I thought Jim had suggest services that could do this, but I cannot find it. Can Jim or others services that do this sort of thing?

I believe Jim gave a list of hosts in one of the server “deep dive” classes.

I’ve leaned to having my clients buy their own Mini, then having one of many mini farms host it. They can also rent one through many of these services. The cost is reasonable enough for any business and there’s a lot to be said for having your own server.

This is my main business and I have been hosting Panorama based servers for about 25 years. Now Mac Minis are the main servers.

Best give me a call at 303-901-9910.



As was mentioned already, it is great to have your own server as Panorama is too powerful for a server with multiple clients unless the Panorama databases are written in a tightly controlled environment. In my case they are all written by two people who have worked together for years or, if written by someone else, are on their own servers.

Given the ability to run shell scripts and do machine wide actions such as delete anything, it is dangerous to have unrelated people working on separate projects on the same machine.