Hidden field won't show

My database allegedly has a field in it called “GENElement” The field shows up in the GOTO field dialog, so I’m pretty sure it’s there…


But if I select that field in GOTO, or run a dedicated procedure with the statement

Field “GENElement”

The error dialog comes up:

So maybe it’s hidden? If I go to “Show all Fields” i get the beach ball for a minute it completes. If I run my Field “GENElement” proc again it fails with the same error. What am I missing?

The file shows 230 out of 230 fields visible, BTW


Any chance that the field name contains a capital “i” instead of the small “L”?

not a chance, sadly, the GENElement field has been in this database since about 1995.

figured it out! preferences->advanced-> maximum data sheet columns.

a more descriptive error message would be nice!!!


For more complete information on this, see: