Help with transferring database

Does anyone know of a service that would help our firm transfer a Panorama 6 database with several forms and procedures into Panorama 10. We do not have the in-house expertise to accomplish the task. Thanks in advance.

One supposes there might be a complexity in your situation not apparent in your message, because importing Pan 6 databases is built right in to Pan X, and in fact is the 4th topic listed in the Pan X help file: “Importing a Panorama 6 Database.”

Thanks for the reply. We were able to import the raw data but all the procedures now have error marks and the forms are missing fields. Take care.

If you open each error-marked procedure, you will see a message at the bottom telling you what’s wrong. Presumably, you have used a Panorama 6 feature which is invalid in Panorama X. They should all be simple to fix.

I’m not sure what you mean by “the forms are missing fields”. You need to be more explicit.