Help with account login

Anyone know how to get help with my login? I’ve sent a password Reset 4 times, but get no email response.
One of our staff has a new computer, and I need to change the serial number so she can access the PanoramaX files.

I don’t think you have to change any serial numbers. On the new computer, just enter the account email and the password in the site license dialog, depending on the role you want for the new user (administrator, developer, or user).

Are you using Panorama 6?

Our server logs show these emails were sent and were accepted by your ISP (gmail). If you’re not seeing them, perhaps they got routed to the spam folder.

However, your mension of “changing the serial number” is odd. There is no serial number for Panorama X. Did you forget your password? If you forgot your password, then you would need to reset it, but as long as you know the password, there is no reason to reset it. As @CooperT mentioned, you simply use the email address and password to log in, there is no serial number.

Are you using Panorama 6?

They are using Panorama X. The sent a password Reset is a Panorama X feature (plus I looked them up).

No, PanoramaX, Bruce.

Thanks so much for the info, Tom Now if someone will just respond from support so that I can reset the password I have forgotten.
Glenda K

Someone got the word. Yay! I received a code to reset the password. The staff member with the new computer is now logged. I love this forum!

FYI – the password reset process is completely automatic. We did not manually intervene to send you a code, in fact, there is no method that allows us to send these codes manually. Our server logs show that the automatic system sent you 5 emails over a 16 minute period today, and that gmail accepted delivery of all of them.