Grouped objects move when switching mode

The first grab shows a header in graphic mode with two grouped text display objects forming a “Store” pop-up menu. When switched to data mode, the object moves down and to the right. If the objects are left ungrouped, the ensemble does not move in data mode. The red line is added for clarity. Other grouped text display objects behave the same way.

This isn’t such a big deal – I’ll just leave it ungrouped, but it looks buggy.

David Duncan

There must be something more to the story. I created three objects just like yours, grouped them, and they work just fine, no motion at all.

Aha, I figured out what the “rest of the story” is – you didn’t mention that this was a View-As-List form. You did leave a clue, though – the Header tile. If I make my form a View-As-List form with a Header tile I see the same problem. I also found another bandaid fix – make sure the Header tile is move up to the upper left hand corner of the window. Also, I found that the same problem occurs with a group object on the data tile. The group objects work ok with printing, just not for View-As-List.

This is definitely a bug, so I’ve added it to the list.

Good sleuthing, Jim.