Graphics Mode Wish List

There’s never an end to it…

The Properties Panels have a title at the top of each, such as Text, Procedure, Formula… Would it be possible to add the object type to those titles as is done on Options? For instance, Options shows as “Text Editor Options”. If I’m editing anything other than Options of a number of objects, it’s necessary to click back and forth between the panes to be sure I selected the type of object I intended.

Can we get Spacing added to the Align or Arrange choices? It was very useful in 6.


No, I don’t think so, it would be very cluttered. Note that the real place to look for this is in the Measurement panel, under Class. When you say as is done on Options I think you mean the Special Properties Panel, which will show the type of object IF the object has any special properties – some types of object don’t.

Can we get Spacing

This is of course on the to-do list, has been all along.

I heartily endorse this.


I’m wanting to agree with James that having to click elsewhere to figure out the type of object that you are working on is inefficient. As noted elsewhere, not having the type of object clearly noted when in Graphics Mode is very disconcerting. If the current records has a ‘cell’ with no value, it is blank, along with a blank for a lookup that results in no value, along with a variable that equates to ‘’. I am really missing the Pano 6 display which shows you each objects type and field name or such. Without all of those clues, not having the object type as part of the tab is even more disheartening.

Robert Ameeti

I have another… How about either the Crosshair pointer or the dotted lines on the rulers that show the pointer’s position that we have in Pan6?