Graphical object manipulation

I don’t even know how to describe this… it began with build 2168 and continues with build 2172. I select an object in Graphics Mode. Then I move the cursor up to the menu bar to do something, anything, or into the object pane at the right. Quite often (though not always) the selected object(s) will instantly move to the point in the open window closest to the mouse click position in the menu or pane. This is bizarre, and I’ve had to stop working on my Gradebook because I can’t stop this weird behavior. I restarted PanX. I rebooted the computer. I thought maybe the magic trackpad was misbehaving, so I switched from my trackpad to an old-style mouse. Nothing helped.

I cannot duplicate this behavior in any other graphics program that I own.

I’m running macOS Sierra 10.12.2 Beta (16C48b), but I didn’t experience this glitch until the latest PanX builds were installed.

If I had to guess I would suspect that your option key might be somehow engaged when you click to select an object. I have not encountered this action myself while doing probably hundreds of recent object selections in graphics mode. I tried clicking on an object with the option key down and I get the behavior you describe in Panorama X. In another graphics program I tried I did not get that action.

I cannot get behavior anything like this whether I hold down the option key or not.

Neither can I - somehow I mistook a button I have on my trackball for an option-click when it was actually set to click-lock. If I click using that button the object follows the cursor until you click again…just like sensiblemike described.

In case there was a sticking option key (or any other key for that matter) on my wireless keyboard, I shut it off and connected a wired keyboard. Same problem… with my hands nowhere near the keyboard.

I will stop working on PanX for the time being… it’s too easy to totally screw up my layout just trying to tweak it a little. Let me know when you figure out what the problem is…

Your post came in at the same time as Gary’s so perhaps you missed that he was pressing a click-lock button, not option. It sounds more like a mouse or trackpad problem rather than a keyboard problem. For now I don’t believe this is a Panorama problem, I think it is something wrong that is particular to your computer, though I will certainly watch to see if anyone else encounters this problem.

I turned off my trackpad and switched to a plain wired mouse, with no multiple buttons, no trackwheel, just the single click button. No click-lock settings… nada. PanX objects still sometimes change places, following the cursor.

I will continue trying to figure out what’s going on…

I have seen what might be a similar effect using other apps, but not (so far) Panorama. It started with some OS upgrade a while ago, probably connected. The mouse will do the same thing for me, mainly with a file that I have brought up using QuickView: clicking anywhere makes the file display move to where I clicked, when my intent was to click on something on the screen for another purpose. After that click the mouse returns to acting normally. The indication that this is going to happen is that the mouse cursor is a double left-right arrow rather than the usual single arrow on an angle. Are you seeing this weird cursor arrow when this happens?

Nope. Not me. No change in the cursor at all…