Go to a field when adding a new record

Hello Friends,
When I click the Add record in the data form I would like it to go to the first field which is First Name and open it for input.

You could add a .NewRecord procedure, which will be triggered automatically if you select Add New Record from the menu bar, or click the Add icon in the datasheet menu bar:

field «First Name»

The First Name field will be highlighted and you can begin typing in it.

Hi Cooper,
Thanks for the suggestion but it does not work.
I created a new procedure and named it “.NewRecord”. The field is named “First Name”.
Should there be an instruction in the procedure to open the field so I can edit?

It doesn’t need to be open. As long as it is highlighted, you can just start typing, and it will open automatically.

I think the mix-up here is that he is doing this in a form and not the data sheet. In a form he would have to name his Text Editor Objects so he can open the one related to the “First Name” field. If he names all of these Text Editors to the name of the fields they relate to, he can change the code to open the “First Name” Text Editor to this:

objectaction "First Name", "Open"

You name these objects in the Measurements panel under Attributes.

Worked like a charm. Thanks so much again Gary