Getting a pix catalogue into the database

Hi Jim,
I have designed a new Single Record form in my Panorama X photo database (a preliminary version sent to you by email). I’d like to add the respective pic to every record. I have understood the description in the Help file under Image Display Object. But somehow I do not succeed in getting beyond the first pic, which then stays the same for all records. Obviously I am not writing the proper procedure although I try to follow, what’s written in the Help file.

It works just like Super Flash Art does in Panorama 6.

If you have the same picture for all records, your formula must not include any data from the record. Somehow each record must contain data that identifies the image – usually the filename of the image. Then the formula must be set up so it calculates the image name (and the path, if it is in a different folder than the database).

Look under the heading “Creating a Database Image Catalog” in the Image Display help page.