Getting a page count to work

Hello friends,
This worked great in Pan X, but I have trouble making it work in Pan 6.
"Page “+info(“pagenumber”)+” of "+info(“pagecount”)
I have six pages to print in a report. I want each page to print at the top “Page 1 of 6”.
In Pan6 I have put he statement in a “auto-wrap text”.
Previously I only printed the page number and it worked just fine using “Page «page#»”.
Any ideas on getting this to work in Pan 6 would be appreciated.

Probably the simplest method would be to use a Text Display object instead of Auto-Wrap text.

Or, in an Auto-Wrap text object you can include a formula by enclosing it with { and }, like this:

Page {info("pagenumber")} of {info("pagecount")}

or you could build an entire formula inside one set of curly braces.

{"Page "+info("pagenumber")+" of "+info("pagecount")}

Thanks as always Jim.
Worked just great with Auto-Wrap text object.