GetTextDialog Error

More than once I’ve run into a situation in which a GetText that worked most of the time would slip into looping. The GetText window would keep re-appearing and the procedure would no longer advance. I was never able to reproduce it at will, so couldn’t report anything

Today while helping someone troubleshoot a GetTextDialog issue, I found a similar but readily repeatable situation. The simple procedure below, never gets to the message.

Let Temp3 = "March 1, 2020"
GetTextDialog Temp3, "Prompt", "Enter Date"
message Temp3

The console shows an error:
SArrayM objectAtIndexedSubscript:]: index 0 beyond bounds for empty array

And, interestingly, all sorts of other oddities begin within Panorama. For instance, trying to subsequently use the Help file causes that GetTextDialog to keep reappearing, the Help file fails to function properly and other errors starts showing up in the Console among the standard entries. You cannot type anything into the Help window’s search and as you try, the GetTextDialog and the previously non-appearing message may both show up.

Or after running the procedure, opening and closing a cell in the Datasheet brings up that same GetTextDialog.

Errors galore caused by this simple procedure that won’t stop running to some degree.

As soon as I add a second option to the GetTextDialog statement, it works flawlessly:

Let Temp3 = "City"
GetTextDialog Temp3, "Prompt","Please enter the name of the city","Button","Ok"
message Temp3

That’s a useful work around for this bug.

It looks like the problem can occur if no Button has been explicitly specified. Fortunately, I already fixed this problem so the workaround won’t be needed once 10.2 is released.