In Panorama 6, a procedure using GETSCRAP would produce a window for entry of the text desired. The window would be open, and all one had to do is to type in the text. In Panorama X, the GETSCRAP procedure will produce the same window for entry of text, but one has to click in the window to activate it before any text can be entered. A minor inconvenience, but annoying,

Is there any command the I can add to the GETSCRAP procedure that will activate the window for entering text without me having to click on the window?

The getscrap, gettext and getscrapok statements all use the internal gettextdialog statement to build and display the dialogs. This, as I recall according to Jim, is based on Apple code and is immutable at the developer’s level and obviously at our level as well. There is the supergettext statement option you could use but it does not look similar to the Apple generated dialogs. The only other option is to “roll your own” from scratch to simulate what you want.

If you want to add a custom solution you can download my “Gary’s Additions1” file from the Database Exchange (found in the help menu). This file includes a custom statement named gettextsheet that will allow you to open a text entry sheet (attached to the tool bar on the current form) that looks the same as the normal gettext and getscrap dialogs. This opens with the text entry activated and ready for text entry as shown below.

Thanks so much, Gary. I will try the gettextsheet statement, assuming I can find it. Never have been to the Database Exchange, so that will be a new experience as well.

Gary: I downloaded the file, opened it, asked it to install the statement in my library, but when I try to use the statement, the procedure tells me that it is an “unknown statement.” Apparently, I am unable to get the statement into the library.

Quit and restart Panorama and it should then after be available.

No joy. I have High Sierra installed and the most recent PanoramaX. I went through the process several times: downloading your file, opening the file, clicking on the request to add the statement in my library, closed PanoramaX, and restarted the computer. no change

Try running this code to see if the file has been created in you Panorama X Library folder:

message ?(fileexists(commonpath("appsupport")+
    "/PanoramaX/Libraries/_Gary's Additions1.pandb"),"Yes","No")

message ?(fileexists(commonpath(“appsupport”)+
“/PanoramaX/Libraries/_Gary’s Additions1.pandb”),“Yes”,“No”) the answer was “NO”

Was there something that I was supposed to do after answering the request to load the statement into my library?

Ok, we’ll try a different approach. From the View menu open the View Organizer file. At the bottom of this form is a check box labeled “Include Libraries” which you should check. Now click the popup button at the top left and look for a file with your name and Custom Statements and then select that file. With my Gary’s Additions file open again select View Organizer from the View men and select this file from the popup top left menu button. You now have two View Organizer windows open. Make sure both are set to Procedures at the top. One will have only one procedure call Custom Statements and the other will have six procedures showing. Drag the procedure from my file called GETTEXTSHEET to the other window which will copy it into your custom statement file.

At this point you can close both View Organizer windows and restart Panorama. Pretty sure this should do the trick - hopefully!

Goofed again, nuts. I forgot you have to also transfer a form from my original file as well as the procedure. You have to again have both View Organizer windows open and set to the same two files, only now have the Forms option set. Drag the form named “•|•|•” from the View Organizer for the Gary’s Additions file into the View Organizer of the Custom Statements View Organizer window. If you are doing this after you have already restarted Panorama it should now work without needing a restart.

Sorry for not getting it all straight the first time around. :disappointed_relieved:

Working with a University laboratory computer, which has no memory of ever running Panorama, I launched a copy and logged on. This is what the Application Support folder looked like prior to launch.

and this is what it looked like after launch.


You will note that the PanoramaX folder doesn’t have a Libraries folder. After launching Gary’s Additions1, and asking it to install in my Library, there still wasn’t any Libraries folder. As for the View Organizer, this is what the menu looks like.

If you manually add the Libraries folder to ~/Library/Application Support/PanoramaX then the library will successfully install itself, but it won’t create that folder for you if it’s missing.

That could be easily done using:

makefolder commonpath("appsupport")+