Functions Menu (selectable list) like Pan6

Is there a selectable pull down of Functions in PanX similar to that of 6X (pictured)? For example, in the Formula Workshop, or via Field>Morph>FillWithFormula, I’d like to be able to select a Function/Operator as I build the FormulaFill .

No, there isn’t. That menu was super awkward, and was very incomplete as well, it had less than half of the available functions. Instead, the Panorama Help is now available at all times, even when dialogs are active. You can copy and paste out of the help, or drag a function from the help into wherever you are editing a formula. See “Transferring Help Information to your Project” on this page:

Here’s a tip – I often keep a copy of the Help window minimized in the dock, so that I can reach it with one click.

Thanks Jim… understood. (By the way… THANKS! I’m a terrible Pano user–lazy about learning how to really exploit the power of Pano. I’m only now engaging PanX because I’m down to one machine that runs 6X well. But I’ve used it since rev 3X and, even with my limitations, this app has saved me what surely must be months and months of time by now… probably more. Few things are as satisfying as watching Pano churn through a process in minutes that used to take me hours.)