Formulafill treats numeric values as text

I was trying to fill a field with the product of two float values, one derived from a dictionary and another from a float field, and unless I explicitly surrounded the factors with the val( function, I got a “cannot multiply text” error message. This was not the case with the Formula Workshop, only with Morph>Fill with Formula in the Field menu. Both factors needed to have the val( function.

What does “derived from a dictionary” mean? In Panorama X, a dictionary value can contain a floating point value or a text value. It depends on how the value was put into the dictionary.

I made a little test to try this:

let testDictionary = initializedictionary("PRODUCT",5)
formulafill Price*getdictionaryvalue(testDictionary,"PRODUCT")

It worked perfectly, no val( function needed.

I was using Fill with Formula with this as the formula:
getdictionaryvalue(fQuote,“previousClose”)*«Amount Retained»
Where fQuote is a field that contains dictionaries, and «Amount Retained» is a Float field.

Ok, but the question is, how did the previousClose value get into the dictionary?

Also, if fQuote is a field, are you sure that the dictionary in this field contains a previousClose value for every record? If not, the default value will be "", which of course is a text value. You could add a numeric default value to the getdictionaryvalue( function.

Oh, that is what I am seeing. Both of those fields are empty for some records, especially since there are some summary records at various places. So never mind! My mistake!