Formula workshop and wizards menu

I have hesitated to mention this but on reflection conclude you should know about it.

After pasting a formula into the formula workshop window and closing the workshop window, the formula workshop no longer opened as usual when invoked from the Help menu. Instead the bug window opened with the message openwizard error: wizard "Formula Workshop" does not exist; and by then a Wizards menu had appeared in the menu bar. This contained only the formula I had pasted into the workshop. Upon selecting that option in the Wizards menu, the formula workshop window opened with the formula in its title bar, but otherwise worked normally.

The Wizards menu did not go away after restarting Panorama. I have not been able to locate the formula string in any Panorama preferences folder or file. My next move would be to download a fresh version of Panorama and reinstall it, unless otherwise advised.

I do not know how you did it, but it looks you have accidentally renamed the Formula Workshop.

IMHO you should be able to give it back its original name by searching and finding the wizard with a right-click on the PanoramaX icon and Show Package Content at


— assumably with your formula as name.

(A fresh PanoramaX installation (or re-installation from a backup) will give you back the originally named wizard, too.)

It might be even easier: You can restore the original name of the Formula Workshop.pandb by clicking on the little triangle right next to the name in the window title bar.

I could have sworn that I had disabled this little triangle for wizards and internal Panorama windows, but either I didn’t or something has changed. I have verified on multiple computers that clicking on this triangle pops open this dialog that allows renaming. Renaming an internal Panorama window will definitely cause it to break, so until I figure out how to fix this, don’t do that! If you do, then download and install a fresh copy of to fix the problem.

Thanks, gents. It is all too easy to open those title editing dialogs without intending to, which is obviously what I did when pasting the formula into the workshop. I must also have saved it inadvertently.

The formula workshop is one of the jewels of Panorama X – I use it every day.