Formula Find / Select

In Pano 6 under Search there was a cool funcion “Formula Find / Select”. Where is this function under Pano X? Thanks.

Find/Select… either via the Search menu or via clicking on the selected/records counter in the toolbar brings up a busy dialog sheet. The left lower popup menu of which starts out with the name of your left-most Field. Pop that up and you’ll find Formula is true as the next option, up. Choose that and a place to its right opens in which to type your formula.

You don’t have the same cool Pan6 tools to build your formula there, but you can build it elsewhere with PanX’s new tools then paste it there. Or just type it in if you know what you want.

In Panorama X you have full access to the Help when inside this dialog, which was not possible in Panorama 6. You can drag from the help into the formula, or you can copy/paste from the help into the formula. Also, you can bring up the Formula Wizard even when you are in the dialog and try things out.

Another great option is to create a temporary procedure and just type in find or select followed by your formula. What’s great about this is that you can try it out (just press Run), then quickly edit, try again, edit, try again, etc., all without having to keep re-opening the dialog. If you want you can start by recording a find or select using the dialog, then edit the formula further as needed. This tip also works with Panorama 6, I’ve done this many times with all versions of Panorama. When you are done you can either save the procedure under any name you want or just delete it.

JohnB, thanks I was able to do a formula select using your method. Haven’t
been able to make the formula work in a procedure yet, still learning the

The syntax for a select is the same as it is in Panorama 6. Example

select Price > 50.00 and Price < 150.00 and Description contains "coat"